Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was wild and crazy!
2 babies makes it hard to sit or eat let alone sit AND eat! But Tanner was sweet and dished up my plate for me and we took turns holding Jack and Rayleigh so we could shovel our food down our throats! Not the most relaxed dining experience but the food was soooo delicious and it was great being surrounded by the ones we love.
Jon and Laura made an excellent turkey. It was moist and tender. We each brought a dish to share (I made jello and dessert and brought sparkling cider) which  made the dinner that much more enjoyable.
The kids all played at the park and in back. You can't beat the SoCal weather in November! We didn't get a chance to say what we were thankful for but I think it's safe to say we are all pretty grateful for each other!

Tavian got these cute salt and pepper shakers for Jon last year. They were a cute addition to the Thanksgiving table.

Kid table!

Thanksgiving was fast and furious. We spent the morning at my parents preparing for a fun day and drove home that night. The babies SCREAMED AND CRIED the last 20 minutes of the drive. Luckily there was no traffic but it was insane and NOT fun. I think they were thankful for their beds that night.
Everyday when I pray I thank Heavenly Father for my family, a hard working husband and 3 perfect children, healthy parents, and the best siblings I could ever imagine. I'm thankful for my beautiful home and a husband who works hard to provide it for us. I'm thankful for the knowledge of the gospel and for my Savior. I'm thankful for friendships that make life worthwhile and for the quiet, tender moments when I feel the spirit so strong. I am grateful for this life and am overwhelmed at my blessings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Break part 2

Starting Monday of the week of Thanksgiving all of the kids were out of school so we made sure to party hard! We started off with a birthday party for James who turned 3 on November 23rd! He loves Chuck E Cheese so we all met there and had a blast running around, causing chaos, and stuffing our faces with cheesy pizza. Parker LOVED Josi's chocolate "race car" cake she made for James! He devoured it! Ray ran around and around! She was even caught scaling the ski ball ramp! I love being with my family!  My best friends!

Josi invited her friend from high school, Jessica. She is Angel's sister in law too!

Josi and her boys!

Jon wanted to take a picture next to the "winning" poster! ha ha

That night Parker had his soccer pizza party with his team! He was late getting there because Tanner has been majorly busy at work but the season's not over yet for this outstanding team! They are in 1st place and are off to regionals next week! Check out that massive trophy!

The next day we had everyone over at our house for a glorified play date. I was aiming for a full head count but Jon had promised to take his kids to Disneyland so I ended up with only 4/5 siblings. It was still fun being with my sisters and parents but we sure missed our brother! The kids all ran around like little crazies. I put Jack down for a nap around 9:30 that morning, before everyone arrived. And he slept for 3 straight hours! Jessi kept asking me if he was awake but that sleepy head was out for the count! I put Ray down for a nap while everyone was still running around, too, and she slept for 3 hours as well! I guess no naps for a few days will cause you to sleep even with total commotion going on! 
I was so proud of myself for coming up with some pre Thanksgiving snacks! A fruit turkey, a veggie turkey, and an apple turkey! As well as chips and dip and cheese and crackers. You've got to love party food!

Kari was the first to arrive with the rest showing up around 11am. Josi and Matt were all packed up and hit the road straight from my house. We were sad to see them go but I was so happy she could stop by and see our home! 

There are a lot of boy cousins. We needed Jon's girls there to even things out! ha ha

If Bebo's head phones are any indication of the noise level.....

I love my sisters!!!!

Jack FINALLY woke up just in time for Jessi to feed him a bottle.

The  kids loved the fall leaves outside and we just HAD to snap a few fall pictures!

Tav said, "Hey! Wait for me! I want to be in the picture!"

Later, Jack helped me make dessert for Thanksgiving! And ice cream sandwich cake! 

That night I met some friends at the Spectrum for dinner. Of course I didn't take any pictures (Weird, I know) so if I don't write it down I'll never remember that it actually happened! Jana is in town from Kansas with her 3 girls. She will be here for a couple months while her husband is deployed. Lindsey in here for Thanksgiving with her 3 kids from Utah and Lindsay also came and met up with us. She is trying for her first and only baby and it was fun to catch up with her. She is a gem. Laura Thompson also came and we all laughed and had a great time all night at the Cheesecake Factory!

The next day I took the kids and met up with Jon, Cami and our cousins Rich and Christa at the Montage! It's so fun having family in town for the holidays! It was a gorgeous day and I loved being at the beach! Christa's kids were SO helpful with my wandering Ray. She was in the water and running all around. People kept asking me if that made me nervous and it DID but I am so used to it that I guess I don't show it. ha ha Cami was FREEZING and the tide was so slow! It was fun to explore on the rocks. That rough terrain slowed down Ray, too, which was nice!

Jessi and Kim played tag with Justin Beiber. Yes, you read that right. He was there with Salena Gomez. It happened RIGHT before I got there. Cami thought they were a bunch of punks being crazy on the beach but later we found out it was in fact a celebrity. Just a day in the life of a SoCal kid,

It was so awesome seeing my sweet cousins! They are just the best and there's nothing like family to make you feel so good about life!!!

Parker and Kim worked so hard on a sand castle palace with a "Mickey" theme. There was even a cool tunnel!

When the sun was going down it cold way cold! Ray was ready to get bundled up!

I love my brother so much. 

As we were walking away we remembered how everyone used to think we were married as we'd be out on adventures with our kids. Now we are a family of 6! ha ha We linked arms around each other and said, "Thanks for a wonderful day honey!" ha ha

That night we spent the night at my parents house to avoid the second worst day of the year's horrendous traffic. Once I got the kids to bed I dashed over to Newport to hang out with Andrea for a little while. They "big kids" went to a basketball game so she was there with the babies. We hung out in person and talked just like we do everyday on the phone! ha ha It was so good to see her beautiful face!
There is SO much to be thankful for! Family and friends top the list for sure!